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Why Freeze-dried Treats Are the Best Choice for Owners? Why Freeze-dried Treats Are the Best Choice for Owners?

As the pet market consumer market becomes larger, more and more shit shoveling officials have begun to find more suitable and safer products for their owners. Freeze-dried cats and freeze-dried raw dog treats have become new consumption choices. However, the choice of snacks for the masters is quite complicated. Of course, when we reward pets, there's nothing better than giving them their favorite treat. However, just like humans, pets can become overweight if they eat too much unhealthy food.

In fact, most pet treats offered by some big freeze dried pet food manufacturers are essentially "candy," junk food that contains animal by-products, grains and other fillers, and even artificial flavors and preservatives. These snacks are not healthy foods, and eating too much can lead to obesity, joint problems, and digestive problems.

1. The reason why freeze-dried snacks have become mainstream

The main reason freeze-dried snacks are mainstream is that they are so convenient and healthy. Granted, I'm prepared, and I've personally kept freeze-dried foods at home for a long time. For decades, I've been researching the best emergency food supplies and making sure our basements are well stocked with essentials, including a variety of freeze-dried foods, in case we still have a supply of nutrients in case something crazy or catastrophic happens.

Freeze drying is one of the best preservation methods for preserving food flavor and nutrients. In fact, NASA astronauts have been eating freeze-dried food in space for decades. So freeze-dried raw dog treats such as duck cube are the best choice for owners. Freeze-dried foods, like all-natural meat, poultry and fish, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, are good for the health of the owner.

2. The benefits of freeze-dried snacks

(1) The nutritional value of freeze-dried snacks will not be destroyed

Freeze drying is a very safe and effective way to preserve food. It removes excess moisture from food, essentially stopping it from rotting without damaging or altering any of its nutritional value. No need to add any chemicals, preservatives or other additives. It is well known that bacteria and most microorganisms need water to survive. But as the water evaporates, the bacteria cannot survive. Freeze-dried snacks usually contain very few ingredients, usually just meat. This is perfect for pets who have stomach allergies or poor stomach function and need to go on a diet.

(2) Freeze-dried snacks are easy to carry

In addition, freeze-dried snacks are very stable, easy to store, and easy to carry. This can help you save a lot of money while traveling. The elimination of moisture from food can help reduce the weight and size of the final product. For example, one pound of freeze-dried chicken treats is actually five pounds of wet meat before the freeze-drying process. This means hosts get more protein and other nutrients per bite than traditional foods, while also eating less. Raw foods or diets may not be suitable for all animals (such as those with liver, kidney or pancreas problems or compromised immune systems). Raw food is very good and very healthy for most pets.

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