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Which Freeze-dried Dog Food is Better? How Should Freeze-dried Dog Food Be Fed? Which Freeze-dried Dog Food is Better? How Should Freeze-dried Dog Food Be Fed?

PETO freeze-dried dog food uses natural ingredients, which are very helpful for the growth of dogs. In our daily life, many people just feed dogs traditional dog food, and occasionally make some food for dogs to eat, but often because of work or other reasons, there is no time to make food for dogs every day. Dogs need nutrients the most during their childhood, so it is necessary to supplement them with nutrients during this period. PETO freeze-dried dog food adopts freeze-drying technology, has good rehydration, and uses natural ingredients to provide dogs with the nutrients they need every day. So how should freeze-dried dog food be fed?

(1) Feed the dog according to the age of the dog

According to different age groups of dogs, choose different feeding methods of freeze-dried dog food. Generally, it is recommended that dogs start to eat freeze-dried dog food when they are three months old and above, because the digestive system of puppies under three months has not yet developed, premature intake of freeze-dried dog food may affect the development of the dog's digestive system. Dogs of age also need to be fed in moderation as appropriate.

(2) Feed it as a snack

PETO freeze-dried dog food contains a lot of protein, and it can be fed to dogs as a snack to supplement the nutrients that cannot be obtained in traditional dog food. It can also be fed during dog training as a reward.

(3) Feeding as complementary food

As a complementary food and dog food together to feed the dog, the palatability of PETO freeze-dried dog food is better, so the dog owner can add the dog freeze-dried to the dog food and mix it with the dog food to feed the dog. If the dog's chewing is not very good, the dog owner can also soak the freeze-dried before feeding the dog.

Hunan Peto Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional suppliers of high-quality pet food in China. The factory has a workshop area of 50,000 square meters, a multi-functional physical and chemical laboratory and a biological laboratory. It imports various raw materials from all over the world, improves the management system of raw food suppliers, and ensures the traceability of raw materials, which can check the data and behavior of the entire production process, and control it through advanced technological processes and strict quality control risk and process. Adhere to the business philosophy of "quality first, use heart and wisdom", always take user experience as the first element, and provide users with better products and technical support. PETO's star products include a variety of freeze-dried raw dog food, extruded staple food, low-temperature baked pet food, pet nutritional supplements, pet treats, cat litter, etc. Welcome to order our freeze-dried dog food!

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