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When Should You Switch Food for Your Cat? When Should You Switch Food for Your Cat?

For us cat owners, whether to replace cat food has always been a topic of constant debate. Choosing a cat food can be such a painstaking process that some of us insist on buying the same pet food for our cat's lifetime. Dr. Jessica Fogelsan, a veterinarian in the United States, said: "We now know that our pets' dietary needs can change over time due to factors such as their stage of life, overall health and activity level. "

1. At what age do cats need to change their diet and replace freeze-dried cat food?

(1) The first is the life stage of kittens (cats within 12 months)

During this period, according to the American Association of Feed Stewardship Officials, which sets pet food standards in the United States, a set of dietary standards has been designed specifically for puppies and kittens during their formative years. More and more puppies and kittens are requiring freeze-dried cat food or oven baked tradition cat food with higher protein levels and higher calories. to meet their growing needs. If these nutritional needs are not met, pet growth may be stunted, or your pet may become ill.

(2) The second life stage regarding dietary changes is the adult cat life stage

Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder seen in dogs and cats today. One of the reasons is inappropriate life stage feeding. For example, an adult dog or cat, especially one that is sedentary, may become overweight or even obese if fed pet food intended for puppies or kittens. Freeze-dried cat food and cat treats wholesale labeled for all life stages can also deliver excess fat and nutrients that adult cats don't need because it's formulated for kittens and puppies.

(3) The third life stage to be aware of is the old life stage

Some disease problems in older cats may be improved with dietary changes. For example, a veterinarian may recommend pet foods that contain glucosamine or fatty acids, such as DHA and EPA. Feeding proper freeze-dried cat food pet food is also sometimes an effective treatment for conditions such as chronic kidney disease and heart disease.

2. When the cat shows any signs, is it time to change to freeze-dried cat food?

(1) Cat hair is dull, dry and not smooth

Cat food rich in essential fatty acids is an important part of keeping your cat's coat healthy. Many freeze-dried cat food recipes take into account how to add shine and smoothness to your cat's coat. Look for a diet with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to keep your cat's coat silky smooth.

(2) Drowsiness and weakness

If your cat has recently experienced a stressful event, illness or surgery, he may be a little tired. A diet high in antioxidants from freeze-dried cat food can help boost the immune response and speed up your cat's recovery, allowing them to recover in no time. Remember: A cat that is suddenly lethargic should be evaluated by a veterinarian before making dietary changes.

(3) The cat is middle-aged or old

Depending on the size of the animal, pets around the age of 5-7 are considered middle-aged to middle-aged. And as cats age, so do their nutritional needs. For example, senior cat meals are typically lower in calories but higher in fiber, and often have supplements specific to this life stage, such as joint support and antioxidants. Feeding pets a full-stage cat food will provide an excess of "fat and nutrients that older pets don't need."

(4) Fat belly

It's not hard for a pet to put some extra weight on their body, but it's especially noticeable with kittens. If your pet needs to lose weight, a diet specifically designed for weight loss will ensure they eat fewer calories while still having the right amount of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals in freeze-dried cat food such as our freeze dried tuna for cats. These diets leverage the latest research in pet weight management to ensure your cat maintains a healthy weight! If your cat is overweight or obese, it's a good idea to think about ways to improve your cat's diet.

(5) Blood sugar disorder

Chronic flatulence, soft stools, or short temper can be caused by food intolerances or poor quality cat food. Gastrointestinal discomfort can be inconvenient for the owner and can also be uncomfortable for your pet. However, it is possible that these problems can be solved by changing the cat food.

(6) Itchy skin of cats, allergies

Allergies are common in cats, and food is just one of several possible causes. Regardless of the cause, allergy-prone cats may benefit from hypoallergenic cat food, which reduces the number of allergen exposures. Choosing an appropriate diet is one of the most important ways to ensure a cat's long-term health, but it cannot replace medical treatment. When to replace the freeze-dried cat food for the cat, and when to go to the hospital for treatment, the owner needs a lot of attention.

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