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When Can Dogs Eat Puppy Food, Adult Dog Food, and Senior Dog Food? When Can Dogs Eat Puppy Food, Adult Dog Food, and Senior Dog Food?

When can dogs eat puppy dog food, adult dog food, and senior dog food? To choose the most suitable dog food for your pet, you must first have a clear understanding of the classification of dog food.

Generally speaking, a dog can eat puppy dog food before 1 year old (some small dogs can also eat adult dog food at 8 months, while large dogs can eat puppy food until 1 year old), and cats after 1 year old can eat adult dog food, and cats should be fed old dog food after 7 years of age.

Dog food can be divided into several types according to the different water content: the water content of hard dog food is below 10%, most of which are solid blocks, which contain rich nutrients, and belong to the most common type.

Medium-soft dog food is also called semi-cooked dog food, with a water content of about 30%. Because it is soft, the healthy pet food is suitable for puppies and old dogs; soft dog food contains more than 70% water and is processed from meat and fish. Muddy meat, commonly known as gourmet dog food, can be made into canned food for temporary storage. And these kinds of dog foods have many different flavors to choose from.

In some special periods of the dog, such as illness or pregnancy, you need to choose prescription dog food. The so-called prescription dog food snacks refer to a special dog food that adds different nutrients to the dog food for different conditions to assist in the treatment and recovery of the dog's health as soon as possible.

Nowadays, the most common food on the market is diet dog food for fat dogs that like eating and being lazy.

In addition, there are prescription dog foods for various diseases such as gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and new tumors, oral diseases and urinary stones.

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