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What is the Importance of Water in Dog Food? What is the Importance of Water in Dog Food?

After the previous introduction, I believe everyone has heard about the nutrients in dog food. Every nutrient in dog food is difficult to replace. In fact, nutrition is not just nutrients. In dog food, water is also a very important component part.

In dog food, especially wet dog food, water accounts for a large proportion, so for dogs, two-thirds of the dog's body is composed of water, and all tissues are immersed in water. For example, 80 percent of muscle mass is water. Also you can mix freeze dried dog treats bulk with water to rehydrate water for your dogs.

If a dog loses all fat and half of its protein, it can still survive, but losing 10 percent of its water can lead to death. A dog needs about 1g of water for every 1Kcal of energy consumed. A 20kg dog fed dry food with a water content of 10% needs about 1L of water per day. The same dog, if fed a wet dog food with 80% water content, will drink proportionally less water without any dehydration.

More water is sometimes needed depending on conditions, such as heat, high-intensity exercise, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. In any case, PETO wholesale dog products china recommends that you always keep clean water for your dog to drink freely, and regularly record their water intake. When your dog's water intake changes, it may mean that they have behavioral, kidney or hormonal problems, or they are infected with an infectious disease, so seek medical attention.

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