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What is Natural Dog Food? What is the All-life-stage Dog Food? What is Natural Dog Food? What is the All-life-stage Dog Food?

What is natural dog food? What is the all-life-stage dog food? All-life-stage food is a dog food suitable for all ages.

Ⅰ. What is the difference between all-life-stage dog food and natural dog food?

General dog food distinguishes elderly dogs, adult dogs, and puppies, and adjusts various nutritional ratios according to the needs of the content. The all-life-stage dog food has reasonable nutritional content and green raw materials, so there is no need to distinguish the age of the dog.

For example, wild mammals all need to eat the same kind of food, regardless of age. They regulate the ratio of nutrients absorbed only by the needs of the body.

Many pet nutritionists regularly let dogs eat animal protein in turn, making dog food with chicken, beef, duck, fish and other meats or just buy from dog products china manufacturer. Letting dogs eat chicken for a period of time and eat another flavor is also consistent with the fact that other animals are regularly eaten in the wild. This makes the dog less prone to anorexia.

Ⅱ. What is natural dog food?

1. Does not contain food residues (also known as by-products of the human brewing industry): such as brewing rice, bran, etc., with relatively low costs. For instance, PETO freeze dried seafood is a kind of is a grain free dog food product.

2. Does not include "Meat and bone meal" (tentative meat meal, bone meal), which is a substance made from crushed rough bones, used as plant fertilizer and animal feed, and is inexpensive. Standard dog food contains a lot of this bone meal in protein, which can be difficult to digest and provide proper nutrition.

3. Does not contain oxidants (synthetic preservatives) that prevent fat from spoiling, which are toxic substances added to food to keep food "moist".

4. The high quality natural dog food does not include sweeteners. They are often used to enhance the taste of poor quality dog food, such as syrups and sugar cane. This can lead to health problems such as diabetes.

5. Natural dog food generally consists of fresh meat (chicken, beef, duck) and unprocessed whole-shell grains (brown rice, oats), vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes) and other food materials.

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