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What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention to when Buying Dog's Food? What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention to when Buying Dog's Food?

1. Identify the meat composition of dog food

Meat is the most important ingredient in dog food. Although each brand of dog food is marked with meat ingredient, there are still differences. It is important to distinguish the "purity" of dog food.

A small test can be done: first prepare several brands of dog food, several bowls full of water, and a microwave oven. Then, soak the dog food in the bowls with water and heat them in the microwave for two minutes. After heating, when you turn on the microwave oven, you can feel that some baked fresh dog food emits a meaty smell, and people with a good sense of smell can smell whether it is beef or chicken. But some dog food does not emit pure meat smell, which is even a little pungent. Through this little experiment, you can accurately choose the food that your dog likes.

2. Look for the words in the ingredient list of dog's food

Try not to choose a dog food with an ambiguous statement of raw materials, because it means that the raw material variety is not stable or the source is unknown. According to the American Feed Management Association, the highest grades are Meat and Poultry, followed by Meat Meal and Poultry Meal.

When picking from pet food manufacturers china, the first ingredient must be Meat Meal or Poultry Meal or higher, not grains, because meat provides much more protein than grains. If dog food contains meat by-products, don't buy it, because it may be leftovers.

3. Pay attention to hygiene when buying dog food bulk

First of all, it is not advisable to buy too much at one time when buying dog food bulk. The dog food must also be fresh, so the dog can eat healthily. Because the bulk dog food is not packaged, its own production date cannot be confirmed.

In addition, dog food often comes into contact with air during the sale process, which will accelerate its deterioration. Therefore, it is recommended to buy dog food bulk in small quantities and pay attention to the smell and gloss of the bulk freeze dried dog food when purchasing.

Second, pay attention to the container. Many small shops use a bag or a large bucket to store dog food. Such containers are poorly sealed and unsanitary. If you choose a professional bulk container, which has a strong sealing effect, the freshness of bulk dog food will be better.

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