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What Are the Benefits of Giving Cats Freeze Dried Quail? What Are the Benefits of Giving Cats Freeze Dried Quail?

Freeze dried quails have gradually become one of the popular cat treat products around the world. Can cats eat quail eggs and dried quail? The answer is yes! There are many freeze dried quail and quail egg benefits for cats. 

Is Quail Good for Cats?

Whether it is large quails or small quails, cats can eat them. Cats can supplement nutrition by eating small quails. Cat owners can choose to feed the processed freeze-dried quails to cats, which is cleaner and hygienic.

freeze dried quail

Freeze Dried Quail Bird Meat Benefits

1. Freeze dried quail tastes crispy

Quail is a small bird. Fresh quail meat is chewy. After being freeze-dried, the freeze-dried quail tastes fragrant and crispy. Many cats like to eat it. The bones in the freeze dried quail treats have not been taken out, so the cat can enjoy the behavior of biting the meat from the skeleton when eating. Compared to eating the processed raw meat directly, the freeze-dried quail is more interesting.

2. Quail for cats is nutritious

Freeze dried quail is a kind of freeze dried meat made from fresh quail and vacuum freeze-dried in a freeze dryer. Its delicious taste attracts the love of many cats. Freeze-dried quail not only tastes better, but also has nutrition, so it is a good choice to feed it as a supplement. Fresh quail itself, as a type of high quality freeze dried cat treats bulk contains amino acids, and the fat is relatively low. After being made into freeze-dried meat, these advantages are retained, and it also has the advantage of a crispy taste. Cat owners may wish to prepare some at home, which can be taken out from time to time for the cat to enjoy.

3. Quail treats are convenient to feed

When considering food choices for cats, convenience should also be a reference. Although cats like some snacks, they are cumbersome to make or inconvenient to store. They can only be eaten once for a long time. This is not appropriate. Cat owners should choose more convenient cat foods such as freeze dried quail. When eating, freeze dried quail is picked out one by one and put in the weighted cat bowls for the cat to eat. The rest can be stored well, so that no water will get into the hands, which is very convenient for feeding.

Can Cats Eat Quail Eggs

Cats can eat freeze-dried quail egg yolk. Quail egg yolks, like egg yolks, contain lecithin, which contains inositol phospholipids. Inositol is the basic material for hair growth, which can promote the growth of healthy hair, prevent hair loss, and have a certain hairdressing effect. However, we should pay attention not to overfeed. The cholesterol in egg yolk is high so cats can easily get fat if they eat too much. Cats that are already fat are not suitable for eating any more.

quail egg benefits for cats

Freeze Dried Quail Egg Benefits for Cats

First, the content of B vitamins in quail egg yolk is higher than that in egg yolk, and the content of riboflavin (i.e. vitamin B2) in B vitamins is almost twice that of egg yolk. Riboflavin plays an important role in the physiological metabolism of cats. Supplementing riboflavin appropriately can promote the development of cats.

Secondly, the lecithin content of quail egg yolk is higher than that of egg yolk. Lecithin is a nutrient that can promote the hair growth of cats. If more lecithin is ingested, the hair of cats can be cared for more.

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