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Three Prepautions for Soaking the Puppy Dog Food Three Prepautions for Soaking the Puppy Dog Food

We know that for recently weaned pups, it's preferable to soak the dog's food to the softened condition, but what should we attention? In general, the following three points should be considered.

1. Water temperature: about 40-60 degrees lukewarm water. However, it must be pre-boiled and then chilled lukewarm water (to prevent the loss of nutrients in puppy dog food due to boiling water, and hot water can easily scald dogs).

2. The amount of water: the dog food can only be absorbed by the water, therefore the puppy dog food after soaking can only be absorbed by the water. So you don't have to waste water by pouring it out so as to lose some of the nourishment.

3. Time: soak until the puppy dog food has spread (softened); the soaking time will vary depending on the solubility of the dog's food. Usually 60 degrees warm water is needed, and 20 minutes will be enough. At that time, the water temperature is about 30 degrees, and you are ready to feed the puppy.

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