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The Formula Ingredients of Dog’s Food Are Arranged in a Special Way The Formula Ingredients of Dog’s Food Are Arranged in a Special Way

1. How to read the formula table when choosing dog's food

Many dog's foods have flavors, such as "beef flavor", "chicken flavor" and so on. The ingredients of specialty pet foods are listed in descending order of weight. If chicken ranks first in the label list, it means that chicken is the main ingredient in the oven baked tradition dog food, and its content is higher than that of other ingredients.

So be sure to pay attention to the ingredient ratios in the ingredient list when purchasing. If a certain dog's food is marked as "chicken flavor" but chicken is not listed first in the ingredient ratio on the package, then it proves that the chicken content of this dog's food is not too high.

Dogs with sensitive skin can choose dog's food with high chicken content, such as chicken rice flavor, which is usually less irritating and not allergic. For muscular dogs, you can choose a dog's food with a high beef content to enhance strength such as the freeze dried beef jerky.

Good dog food will have safe nitrogen in the bag to replace preservatives.

2. Bones cannot be used as dog's food

Never feed your dog chicken bones! 

Many people think that dogs just want to chew on bones. In fact, chewing on bones can easily block the dog's intestines, making it constipated, causing vomiting and poor appetite. Especially chicken bones cannot be used, because they are small and brittle, so it is easy to plug the esophagus and pierce the stomach. The freeze dried chicken bulk can also exercise the chewing ability of dogs.

When feeding dog's food, be sure to give plenty of water at the same time. There is no need to use distilled water or boiled water, dogs do not care about these.

When buying dog's food, note that each brand says that its products are the best, cheap and cost-effective. At this time, you may wish to consult a doctor and experienced people.

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