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Several Categories of Pet Treats Several Categories of Pet Treats

1. What are pet treats?

Pet treats are literally, treats specially launched for pets, also in addition to dog food, add some entertaining, highly absorbent and highly palatable pet food to dogs in daily life. There are also many categories of pet snacks. The pet treats china materials include beef, chicken, salmon, etc., which have certain nutrients, and some snacks have certain effects.

2. The role of pet treats

(1) Freeze-dried meat

Obviously, this is a snack with a relatively high meat content. Using freeze-drying technology or drying methods, and then vacuum packaging, while ensuring the color, aroma and taste of the food, the ingredients themselves are not missing. It is nutritious, but it is very convenient for the owner such as the freeze dried minnows bulk. To eat a packet and open a packet, the owner does not need to be so troublesome to get it every time. When you go out to play, bring a few packs of pet treats. If the dog is exercising for too long, you can give it a small freeze-dried piece to replenish energy, and its interest will be higher.

(2) Deodorant biscuits

Dog owners should know that the health of dogs' teeth is particularly important, but they can't brush their own teeth, and can only be helped by their owners to clean their mouths. However, it is still difficult for the owner to brush the pet's teeth. At this time, the appearance of deodorant biscuits has become a gospel. The main function of pet snacks deodorant biscuits is to clean the mouth, which can help reduce oral odor and dental calculus, and the biscuits are generally They are all deliciously made and have balanced nutrition. It is recommended for dogs with poor appetite to eat them, which is also helpful.

Generally, dogs are very interested in biscuits, and a small amount of biscuits will not be made very large. In daily life, small biscuits can be used to conduct some basic training for dogs, which is a good "bait" .

(3) Tooth cleaning and molar

These pet treats are easy to recognize. Most of them are designed to look like "dog bones" in cartoons, or like toothbrushes. Their functions are similar to those of biscuits and snacks like freeze dried beef jerky, and they also focus on cleaning. Pet oral hygiene, but also has the ability to exercise pet's bite, because tooth cleaning is relatively harder than biscuits.

Another point is also for puppies. When puppies are in the stage of tooth replacement, if their teeth are itchy and want to bite, they can eat a molar stick to reduce the discomfort caused by the itchy teeth. The sofa, slippers, etc. at home can escape under the dog's teeth. Eating more teething sticks can also boost your dog's appetite!

(4) Wet food supplements

Dog food is dry food, and wet food is easier to understand. It uses meat as the main ingredient, but retains water. Although dog food is said to be nutritionally balanced, many dogs will be picky eaters and lose their appetite. In this case, wet food can be added to the dog food. Dogs are more interested in seeing meat, which improves their appetite, and also has the effect of fattening. As dog food is always facing dry dog food, it is inevitable that there will be unhappy times, in order to calm the dog's mood.

Regarding the role and benefits of pet food types, the summary is to increase appetite and interest, teeth cleaning, and training interaction. However, snacks are snacks after all, and they should be distinguished from staple foods. Remember not to rely entirely on snacks to achieve a certain purpose, and don't think about completely replacing the staple food with snacks, and control the number of snacks every day.

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