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Vitamin A helps maintain vision, and protects the body against infection. In proper amounts, it is essential for healthy skin and hair coat.

Occasionally Vitamin A deficiency is sometimes seen in growing animals. It is seldom observed in adult animals because they use stored vitamin A slowly. Toxicity occurs when too much is taken over a long period of time, or if there is a sudden overabundance of vitamin A in the diet.

Vitamin D is necessary for calcium and phosphorus absorption and metabolism. It promotes normal bone calcification and is responsible for bone and joint formation.

Requirements for dogs and cats are influenced by dietary levels of calcium and phosphorus. Feeding superior quality pet foods assures the level of calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D. Excessive Vitamin D can result in rickets, depressed growth, soft tissue problems with the heart muscle, stomach wall, lung and blood vessel.

Pyridoxine B6 is needed for nervous system functions. A deficiency can result in anemia, poor growth, degeneration of the nervous system as well as convulsions.

Biotin is required for healthy skin and coat. Poor hair coat and dermatitis are signs of deficiency.

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