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Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies

  • All of our pet supplies are made of environmentally friendly materials, and have many funny functions.

  • All of your lovely pet will like them, our pet accessories wholesale china are perfect for pets to play with, they can clean the skin of your pet, improve their behavior.

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Advantage of Pet Supplies

High Quality Soft Texture Materials
Made of high quality soft texture material, durable and safe to use, will not rust and break. Cute dog leash make your pet become more attractive.
Comfortable and Breathable
Pets dog leash is comfortable and breathable, makes your pet feel comfortable and freely and your pet will be comfortable and breathable when wearing it.
Reduce Loneliness and Anxiety
It's a perfect gift to your pet and will be your pet's best partner in its daily life. Reduce your pet's loneliness and anxiety, suitable for your pets' entertainment
Keep Pet Safe
This dog leash is flexible and soft, non-toxic, harmless to pets, and safe for pets to wear and play, adjustable
CK buckle, you can adjust the collar to fit your pets' size.
Help Communication
Pets toy are based on the parent-child type that is born as a human partnership. The purpose of toys is to let humans and their pets truly interact and get more communication and deep emotions.
Arouse Interest
When a pet dog steps on a toy, it will make a sound, the sound is short and sharp, and it will arouse the interest of the dog.
This is a very interesting food distribution toy, pet dogs can eat snacks as a reward when playing toys.
Soft Plastic
The top of the toy is made of soft plastic, which is very strong. Usually, dogs can chew the toy to grind their teeth to protect oral health.

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Toys can reduce the anxiety of dogs, and prevent dogs from biting furniture, clothes or shoes.
The dog can use the toy as a frisbee, can interact with the owner to play.
The bottom adopts arc design, the toy swings left and right, which increases the fun of the toy.
Environmental protection material

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