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Pet Shower Gel

Pet Shower Gel

Five Indispensable Characteristics of Pet Shower Gel

  • Anti allergen and antibacterial pet fresh shampoo has proprietary blend-volcanic minerals to retard bacteria, optimize metabolism and strengthen immune system.

  • Natural and organic pet care shampoo which is pet friendly and safe to pet is made of plant-extract nutrients-organic ingredients offering professional care of hair, skin and body oil, for comfort and health of your pets.

  • The pet shampoo provides Skincare & insect-repellant-bring relief to skin rash and swelling, as well as an effective disinfectant and insect-repellant.

  • Mild & allergy-free-non-irritant blend in our anti allergy cat shampoo and anti allergy dog shampoo causing no irritation to pets when bathing.

  • Abundance hair-for better body and shinier hair after bathing.

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