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Pet Food & Treats

Pet Food & Treats

  • Our natural pet food is made from 100% natural and fresh meat, edible even for human beings.

  • Our healthy puppy food without any chemical additives, and excellent palatability;

  • Our pet food is rich in high-quality protein and a variety of vitamins, Low fat;

  • Our organic pet food is fresh and easy to digest and absorb;

  • Our pet food is sterilizated through pasteurization and irradiation and offers a guarantee for pets' health;

  • We use freeze-drying technology to ensures freeze dried raw treats' long shelf life, no preservation is needed;

  • The freeze dried training treats of our pet food company is light and easy to carry;

  • Our high quality pet food has high-quality standards and reasonable price point;

  • The natural pet food can improve the health and enhance its immunity effectively if feed regularly, and good for pet teeth health, brightening color also.


Types of Pet Food for Sale

Freeze Dried Pet Food & Treats Pet Food & Treats Pet Supplies Dog Chews
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Advantage of Organic Pet Food & Pet Treats

Natural Ingredients
Made from 100% natural and fresh meat, edible even for human beings.
Excellent Palatability
Without any chemical additives, excellent palatability.
Full Of Nutrition
Rich in high-quality protein and a variety of vitamins, low fat.
Easy to Absorb
Made from 100%natural and fresh meat, edible even for human beings.
Sterilization through pasteurization and irradiation offers guarantee for pets' health.
Long Shelf Life
Freeze-drying technology ensures long shelf life,no preservation are needed.
Light and Easy To Carry
Made from 100% natural and fresh meat, edible even for human beings.
High Standard
High quality standards and reasonable price point.
Easy To Be Healthy
lt can IMPROVE the health and ENHANCE its immunity effectively if feed regularly.

Healthy Raw Pet Food Reviews

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Key Benefits of High Quality Pet Food & Pet Treats

With High Ingredient Of Meats Without Any Additivies Excellent Palatability
It's Natural, Grain-free, Meet Human Grade
Fresh And Digest And Absorb
Freeze-drying Technology Ensures Long Shelf Life,no Preservatives Are Needed

FAQs of Pet Food & Treats

What Is the Healthiest Pet Food?

In the first place, priority should be given to meat powder or fresh meat. Natural and organic pet food containing soy and corn ingredients is the most unsuitable. Peto is a professional pet food & treat manufacturer and supplier located in China. We pay great importance to produce high-quality pet food. As a leading Chinese pet food & treat company, for years, we have dedicated ourselves to design different types of natural and organic pet food such as organic freeze dried chicken that are truly good for pets. We not only use the oven bake tradition to produce the traditional pet food but also use the new freeze-dried technology to produce the new fashion pet food. Here in Peto, you can find cheap healthy puppy food and other natural pet food supply. Wholesale is available, bulk buying is welcomed.

What's Raw Material Standard?

All  raw materials of our pet food wholesale are of  high quanlity and we have very strict input standard which can meet EU/USA standard.

How About Your Equipment Level?

We have most advanced freeze dried raw treats equipment, with its six internal systems,ensures that the organizational structure and nutrients of raw materials are not destroyed.