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Pet Feeding Supplies

Pet Feeding Supplies

  • PETO cat feeding supplies and dog feeding supplies holds up to 32oz or 64 Ounces. The large-capacity dog bowls are not only suitable for medium and large use, but also suitable for small dogs, even when traveling. The bowl can effectively prevent food spills, water, milk, etc. from spilling;

  • We use high quality, food-grade stainless steel (18/8 STAINLESS STEEL) to produce weighted cat bowls and dog feeding supplies. There is no need to worry about the quality of the bowl while your dog is enjoying the food;

  • At the bottom of the pet bowl, we designed anti-skid strips. It protects floors and prevents the bowl from sliding while your pet eats;

  • PETO stainless cat feeding supplies and dog feeding supplies are safer than plastic bowls;

  • Compared with other dog bowls (plastic dog bowls, ceramic dog bowls), stainless dog bowls are easier to clean and more durable (not easy to break).

Types of Pet Feeding Supplies

Advantages of Pet Feeding Supplies

Our stainless steel pet bowl is rather durable and is very convenient to carry. The automatic pet feeder by us is suitable for both puppies and large dogs, and it allows the short-term travel of pet owner. Peto’s tumbler pet feeder enables the pet to eat more fresh, healthy and nutritious food. Besides, we also have specially designed weighed pet feeder for you to choose.

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