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Pet Cleaning Supplies

Pet Cleaning Supplies

Our pet cleaning supplies is pet friendly cleaning supplies which do not contain any added scents for a more natural & effective product experience without harming pets, which means the animal friendly cleaning tool is safe to cats, dogs and puppies. Food grease & slimy pet saliva is the perfect breeding ground for germs & bacteria. Our pet bowl cleaner provides a super cleaning effect leaving dishes, bowls & utensils squeaky clean every time while being gentle on your hands. 

Specialized OEM/ODM service to manufacture quality pet cleaning products under your private label. We offer free design for private labels. Just send us your logo in AI format and our creative design team will get to work on designing an amazing label for you!

Types of Pet Cleaning Supplies

Tips When Using Pet Cleaning Products

1. Clean it up: when soft surfaces such as upholstered furniture and carpets are embedded with pet hair, it is better to use a powerful vacuum for cleaning.     

2. Camouflage it: when selecting a rug, choose the one whose color is quite similar to the skin color of your pet. And remember to choose a smooth flat-weave rug for easy cleaning.

3. Control it: Give your pet a regular hair brushing is necessary. According to the thickness and length of the fur, you can brush twice a week or even once a day.   

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FAQs of Pet Cleaning Supplies

q. Can I brush my dog with a human brush?


If you have no supplies and need to comb your dog, you can use a comb designed for human beings on your dog. Be gentle when combing, especially when you use ordinary combs instead of pet products. Many pet parents recommend using a pet fur cleaning brush to remove tangles.

q. Should I brush dog before or after bath?


It's best to brush the dog's hair before taking a bath. This will remove any loose fur and debris from the coat, and ensure that any mats or tangles are brushed away, as these are more difficult to remove when wet. Make sure that the temperature of the water is similar to that of the dog.

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