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Particulate Product Series

Particulate Product Series

Particulate chews is a kind of dog chews which is made of crushing cow or pig skin. The pressing chews can attract the dog to bite by adding nutrients. The surface has irregular concave and convex marks, so that the dog can supplement nutrition while grinding teeth.

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FAQs Of Munchy Sticks for Dogs

q. Can chew sticks be eaten?


Chew sticks are not only food-based sticks, but also hemp rope toys and rubber sticks (healthy teeth glue). The food-based sticks can be eaten, which is a disposable consumable.But the hemp rope toys and rubber sticks can not be eaten, which is harmful for dogs health.

q. Are Munchy sticks good for dogs?


Munchy sticks are good for dogs. Munchy stick is not only a way of supplementing extra nutrients for dogs but also is a protective tool for dog teeth.

q. What is Munchy stick?


Munchy Sticks are edible. The ingredients are edible glue, cowhide skin rolls, bones, flour and other food additives. Generally, there are a small amount of food attractant, and the texture is hard and dry. Most dogs are very loyal to eating such Munchy sticks.

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