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Other Pet Supplies

Other Pet Supplies

  • Luxurious faux fur of the dogbed helps your pets restful sleep improved behavior and better health ideal spot for your cats and dogs to lounge up to and sleep;

  • Self-warming donut cuddler doghouse is convenient to place in the trunk or backseat as a travel bed for pets. Perfect for using at home or outdoors to prevent accidental messes;

  • Multiple Colors: available in beautifully natural colors, different colors easily meet with any room;

  • Hand wash recommended, machine washable.

Types of Other Pet Supplies

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FAQS of Other Pet Supplies

q. What kind of dog house is better?


1. Most kennels on the market are mainly made of pure cotton, acrylic and flannelette, and the fillers are mainly sponge, cotton and PP cotton. Of course, if you want to choose, pure cotton fabric must be the first choice, and acrylic fabric is the least recommended. Dog hair is easy to knot after contact with acrylic fiber. It is recommended that the filler should be PP cotton, which is warm and easy to dry.

2. The wooden kennel is easier to clean. If it is a cotton kennel, it's best not to have too many decorations. The appearance of the simple kennel is often easier to clean.

3. Based on the principle of practical priority, try to select the dog kennel with practical functions and not easy to wear out, and try to buy as few as possible, which has various designs and colors, beautiful appearance but not practical enough.

4. The size of the kennel is most suitable for the dog to turn freely and lie down flat after entering.

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