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Mixed Pet Treats Series

Mixed Pet Treats Series

Fruits and vegetables are rich in dietary fiber and inorganic mineral elements to promote intestinal peristalsis good absorption. Chicken, fruits and vegetables have well-behaved meat, a variety of collocation, complete nutrition! 

We have mixed dog treats such as freeze dried dragon fruit cubes, Chicken purple potatoes cube, Chicken carrots cube, Chicken goji berries cube, Chicken cranberries cube, Chicken seaweed cube, Raw purple potato chicken liver cube.

Mixed Pet Treats Types

About Mixing Dry Dog Food

The mixing dry dog food in these dog snack bags include jerky/meat strips, canned/wonderful buns, teeth cleaning and biscuits, etc. The leftovers in the dog snack bags are also various like are beef and chicken mixed flavor, peanut flavor, fresh liver flavor and freeze dried minnows bulk etc. Surely there will be one type for your pet.

Features Of Mixed Dog Treats

1.Mixed dog treats are an indispensable consumable for keeping a dog with a variety of snacks, whether it is to relieve the dog's greed, increase feelings, or as a training reward and improve obedience.

2.Chicken jerky from mixed dog pets is made by drying and dehydrating high-quality chicken breasts. It has a harder taste and can meet the characteristics of dogs' love of meat. It can also be used as dog teeth grinding and cleaning snack

3.With the selection of high-quality free-range meats, plus natural preservatives trehalose and deep-sea fish oil ingredients, in addition to cleaning teeth and removing bad breath, dogs can also be beautiful and skin-care, healthy and safe to eat the treats.

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FAQs of Mixed Pet Treats Series

q. What kind of mixed pet treats do you have?


Here we have 3 types of mixed dog treats: Chicken & Spinach, Chicken & Dragon Fruit, Chicken & Gadus. Among all kinds of high quality pet food, it is pretty welcomed by customers, especially freeze dried minnows, which is not only healthy but also of good taste.

q. What's the advantages of Mixed Pet Treats Series?


Full of protein, low in fat and rich in vitamins and minerals.

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