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Knotted Series

Knotted Series

Knotting chews is a kind of dog's chews with knot, which is characterized by a buckle head composed of a flat tubular skin coil self-wound knotting, which is respectively tied and fixed on both ends of the mutually wound skin coil. There are irregular cracks in the concave and convex of the skin coil knotting,It has a clear cleaning effect when bitten for dogs.

Types of Knotted Bone

Key Benefits Of Knot Bone For Dogs

1. Because dogs have a bone biting hobby, and the shape of knot bones’ designs is also suitable for the characteristics of dogs playing.

2. The product is rich in protein, fat, calcium and water, which can regulate appetite, healthy teeth, prevent halitosis and prevent obesity in the process of pet chewing and biting.

3. The main ingredients are made of bone through special processing, which is harmless to the health of dogs.

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