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Freeze-Dried Pet Seafood Series

Freeze-Dried Pet Seafood Series

PETO wholesale freeze dried seafood contains salmon, tuna, gadus, capelin, and other seafood. 

Tuna include EPA and DHA and Ω unsaturated fatty acids too; 

As a high-quality source of protein, freeze dried salmon treats includes EPA and DHA and Ω unsaturated fatty acids, which are good for loved pet's brain development, keep the color;

Capelin eggs are rich in trace elements and lecithin to help pets' brain development.

Freeze-Dried Seafood Types

About Peto Freeze Dried Seafood 

There are 3 common freeze-dried forms of freeze dried seafood of PETO freeze dried pet food manufacturers.

1. Freeze-drying of whole meat, commonly found in chicken breasts, as well as whole capelin, spring fish. Our freeze-dried capelin is really popular among pets.

2. Freeze-dried meat cubes, like Peto freeze-dried salmon, and other large pieces of meat can be made into freeze-dried meat cubes. Compared with the whole freeze-dried meat, the meat cubes are convenient to feed separately, and it is more convenient for pets to eat when mixed with rice.

3. The freeze-dried food in the form of meatloaf is more like our common canned wet food, but in fact it is more like dehydrated raw meat, that is to say, this meatloaf is not a single piece of meat, but is composed of various meat pastes. The advantage is that it can be fed directly as a staple food, and simple rehydration can feed the pets a full meal.


Freeze Dried Seafood Benefits

1. Freeze-dried pet seafood especially raw meat such as dried capelin for dogs is more nutritionally superior.

2. Freeze-dried pet seafood can significantly maintain the protein in the meat, lock the taste of the meat itself, and help pets stimulate the body's instincts, which will help the healthy growth of pets

3. Freeze-dried pet seafood is rich in a variety of amino acids, vitamin E and B vitamins, the meat is warm, nourishing the stomach, and there is never any animal viscera or meat and bone meal inside.

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FAQs of Freeze-Dried Seafood for Dogs & Cats

q. Are freeze dried seafood good for cats?


Delicious and nutritious treat for dogs and cats! Our raw freeze-dried seafood such as freeze dried cod is made by using a gentle freeze-drying process that naturally preserves the healthy nutrients and benefits of the whole fish!

q. Is freeze dried cat food healthy?


Commercial dehydrated complete and balanced diet has been slowly heated to eliminate almost all moisture. Thus speaking from the view of a professional raw pet food supplier, freeze-drying makes food almost unchanged from raw frozen food and kills a certain proportion of bacteria. 

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