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Freeze-Dried Raw Pet Food Series

Freeze-Dried Raw Pet Food Series

Rawbone meat is not equal to single freeze-dried meat. It is a kind of staple food and freeze-dried raw treats such as freeze dried raw chicken that contain meat, bone meat, internal organs, and other ingredients, rich in trace elements and amino acids, and other ingredients. It has comprehensive nutrition, can provide abundant life energy for pets, and its indicators meet international standards. 

As one of the top pet food manufacturers china and raw pet food suppliers, Peto offers organic freeze dried raw treat food for dogs and puppies and raw freeze dried diet for cats. The freeze-dried raw pet food of our company has the following advantages:

  • High-quality sources of protein, including EPA and DHA and Ω unsaturated fatty acids, which are good for pet brain development, keep the color; 

  • Easy to digest and absorb, contains a lot of natural calcium and phosphorus, natural oil can moisten pet fur;  

  • Low fat, low cholesterol, low-calorie meat, rich in protein and trace elements, can meet the nutritional needs of pets.

Freeze-dried Raw Pet Food Types

What Is Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food?

Freeze Dried Raw Pet Food has taken the vacuum freeze drying technology that uses the principle of sublimation to dehydrate pet eating materials. After the materials are quickly frozen, they are heated in a vacuum environment to make ready-to-eat pet food. There are three common freeze-dried forms pet foods on the market: freeze-dried whole meat, freeze-dried meat, and freeze-dried food. As a profeswsional pet food supplier, we provide raw pet food and other freeze dried dog treats bulk.

Freeze Dried Cat Food Benefits

1.Freeze-drying is a very safe and effective method of preserving food. It removes excess water from food and can basically prevent food from decay without damaging or changing any of its nutritional value.

2.No need to add any chemicals, preservatives or other additives. As we all know, bacteria and most microorganisms need water to survive. But as the water evaporates, the bacteria cannot survive.

3.Freeze-dried cat food usually contain very few ingredients- only meat. This is great for cats who have stomach allergies or poor gastric function and need to diet.

4.Freeze-dried snacks such as the dried salmon dog treats are very stable, easy to store and carry. It can help you save a lot of material resources during travel. The elimination of water in food can help reduce the weight and size.

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FAQs of Freeze-dried Raw Pet Food Series

q. Is freeze dried raw food good for dogs?


Compared with other methods such as cooking or dehydrating pet food, freeze-drying retains more nutrients of raw materials. For example, dried salmon dog treats retains the nutrients of salmon. Because the ingredients of raw meat are freeze-dried, it helps to retain natural healthy nutrition.

q. Is freeze dried better than kibble?


Fresh food such as freeze dried raw chicken is certainly one of the healthiest choices for your pet, but it is not always affordable or time-saving. Freeze-drying retains almost 100% of the natural nutrition in food, which is almost as good as raw food!

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