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Freeze Dried Raw Chicken & Duck for Dogs and Cats

Freeze Dried Chicken Dog Food
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Features of Dog Food with freeze dried meat (Chicken & Duck)

  • Freeze-dried raw chicken is selected with chicken meat of high quality. Served as a kind of raw dry dog treats, chicken jerky for pets especially for cats and dogs is a source of high protein food for cat that of high-quality with low-fat content and rich in vitamins and minerals.

  • Duck meat is rich in Vitamin B and Vitamin E. As a kind of natural and organic cat food, they are low-sensitive meats with excellent palatability.

  • Freeze dried chicken dog and cat food is good for pets without any chemical additives, excellent palatability;

  • Freeze dried raw chicken is rich in high-quality protein and a variety of vitamins, Low fat;

  • As one of the most famous Chinese pet food companies, our dog and cat food with freeze dried chicken is fresh and easy to digest and absorb;

  • Sterilization through pasteurization and irradiation offers a guarantee for pets' health.

  • Freeze-drying technology ensures the fresh cat food long shelf life, no preservation is needed.

  • Light and easy to carry.

Specification of Freeze-dried Raw Pet Food (Chicken & Duck)



crude protein


crude fat


crude fibre


crude ash




heavy metal element

limit the quantity of mg/kg














limit the quantity

aerobic bacterial count,cfu/g




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