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Freeze Dried Chicken Bulk for Dogs and Cats

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organic freeze dried chicken
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PETO offers freeze dried chicken bulk at good wholesale prices. Freeze dried chopped chicken is produced with fresh raw materials from high-quality farms. Through the most advanced vacuum freeze-drying technology, in strict accordance with the standards for human food.

Freeze Dried Chicken Bulk

Ingredients of PETO Freeze Dried Chicken Bulk

Made from only 1 ingredient; 100% raw fresh chicken.

Features of PETO Freeze Dried Chicken Bulk

Chicken is a good source of protein, low in fat and rich in vitamins and inerals.

Low-sensitive freeze dried meat wholesale with good taste.

Excellent palatability.

Organic freeze dried chicken dog treats and dried chicken cat treats.

Advantages of PETO Freeze Dried Chicken Bulk

100% natural, pure, easy to digest, no need to add any preservatives.

Low fat, high protein freeze dried cat treats bulk and dog treats.

Ideal for pets with health problems or overweight, diabetes, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders or dietary restrictions.

The 100 chicken dog & cat treats is made by a fine freeze-drying process, which can maintain the nutritional integrity of fresh chicken.

Keep all the characteristics and natural nutrition of fresh raw chicken.

Specification of PETO Freeze Dried Chicken Bulk



crude protein


crude fat


 crude fibre


 crude ash




PETO Freeze Dried Chicken Bulk Video

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