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Expanded Series

Expanded Series

Expanded chews is a kind of dog chews with lower density than the traditional chews. After maturation, it can satisfy the chewing desire of pets with the chewable properties of skin.The palatability of meat also attracts pets to eat, which is suitable for all kinds of pet dogs at different growth stages.

Types of Expanded Series

Key Benefits Of Expanded Series

1. This kind of products press the raw leather into various shapes. The leather is pressed tightly, hard and lasting. Because the stamped bone contains a lot of skin, it is more durable than any other product and softens relatively slowly. This kind of "dog chews" is suitable for dogs with lively character and strong aggression.

2. There are different tastes, which can be customized by the owner according to his dog's preferences.

3. It is healthy and non-toxic. It is made of pure natural raw materials and is harmless to dogs.

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