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Prevention and Treatment of Pet Skin Diseases Prevention and Treatment of Pet Skin Diseases

Ⅰ. What are the types of pet dog skin diseases and what are the harms?

The clinical symptoms of canine skin diseases are roughly the same. Most often occur on the face, lower neck, back, abdomen and the root of the tail. Skin flushing, severe itching, hair loss at the infected area, bald spots, and some secondary pathogen infections, pustules, pigmentation, and small nodules appear. The main types of canine skin diseases are as follows:


1. Parasitic skin diseases: skin allergies caused by the bites of fleas, lice and other insects. Infections caused by scabies, demodex and ear mites can also cause skin diseases.


2. Bacterial and viral skin diseases, bacterial infections, inflammation, red and swollen skin, pus spots, scratches in sick dogs, secondary infections are more common in clinical practice.


3. Fungal skin disease, also known as ringworm, is a skin disease caused by fungal infection of the skin, hair, and paws. The main infection is Microsporum canis, which is more stubborn and can not be healed in a short time. It sometimes gets worse after treatment, causing hair loss, and after long-term infection with fungus, it is easy to be infected with mites, which seriously affects the appearance and health of the dog. 


4. Allergic skin diseases, including food allergy (protein), drug allergic dermatitis, skin edema and papules on the surface. So it is neccessary for pets to use anti allergy shampoo


5. Vitamin or trace element deficiency skin disease, namely: nutritional skin disease.


6. Skin diseases caused by hormone abuse are iatrogenic skin diseases, mainly caused by long-term large-scale use of hormones, especially dexamethasone, prednisone, clinical use of hormones can significantly reduce the symptoms of the disease in the short term, but long-term use will cause serious side effects , And eventually show skin symptoms


7. Skin diseases caused by chemical and physical factors, chemical irritation, solar radiation, X-ray damage, etc.


8. Autoimmune skin diseases, skin diseases caused by low autoimmune function, such as lupus erythematosus and pemphigus.


9. Seborrheic dermatitis, abnormal keratinization of the skin leads to excessive dandruff, and secondary mites and fungi can cause skin diseases to become more serious.


Ⅱ. How to prevent pet skin diseases?

To eliminate the pathogens that cause skin diseases, it is necessary to clean the dog's body and remove parasites such as lice and fleas with pet cleaning supplies, because about 30-50% of skin diseases in dogs are caused by lice and fleas biting the skin, causing scratching, inflammation and re-infection, caused by mites and fungi Skin diseases account for the majority. In addition to mites, the main focus is on environmental sanitation. To prevent fungus, keep the dog's body clean and dry. After bathing, the dog's body hair must be dried in time to maintain comprehensive nutrition. Don't feed the pet dog meat only. The mixed dog treats are good choices. Ensure reasonable nutrition to keep the skin clean and bright, which can avoid parasites. Nutrition includes fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, etc., strengthen care, bathing should use special shampoo for pets, it is best to have anti-parasitic function, not too frequent washing.

Ⅲ. How to treat skin diseases after illness?

Find the cause of the disease, and then go to the pet hospital for necessary tests and make corresponding treatment for dogs. If skin diseases occur, first look for lice and fleas. If they are found, they must first be eliminated. Test for fungus or mites, bacterial infections, mild topical ointments, etc., severe antifungal drugs should be taken internally, and mite infections should be treated with antimite drugs. Whether other reasons are caused by nutrition or endocrine, nutrition should be adjusted in time. Generally, most skin diseases are mixed infections of fungi and mites, which should be considered at the same time during treatment for dogs. Finally, lice and pruritus infections should be killed in time, and antibiotics should be used for bacterial infections treatment.

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