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Precautions for Feeding the Dog's Food Precautions for Feeding the Dog's Food

Most dog owners nowadays feed their pets dog's food because it is nutrient-dense and convenient.

Here are some precautions for giving the dog dog's food.

Ⅰ. When dogs eat dog's food, they do not require meat supplements

Some dog owners feed their dogs dog's food while also giving them meat, liver, and other highly nutritious foods in order to supplement their dog's nutrition. This practice is incorrect because the baked fresh dog food already contains a lot of nutrition, and giving the dog another supplement will cause the dog to become over-nourished. Dogs can be fussy eaters when it comes to liver and meat.

Ⅱ. Don't reheat freeze-dried food for dogs

Some dog owners heat freeze-dried food for dogs and then give them to dogs. This is incorrect. Dog's food should be puffed, similar to children's food, not only cooked but also properly adjusted to the appropriate degree of crispness, which is helpful for digestion and dental activity.

The most significant drawback of heating bulk freeze dried dog food for dogs is that considerable amounts of vitamins are lost and the structure of vitamins is altered at high temperatures, causing them to stop working as they should. The damaged vitamins are replaced to suitable quantities during the manufacture of the dog food. It will be damaged again if heated too hot.

Ⅲ. Human food should never be fed to dogs

It's also not a good idea to give your dog the same food that you eat, because dogs don't have the same digestive system as us. For humans, the appropriate quantity of salt may restore water and trace elements such as sodium chloride, balancing the demands of all regions of the body. Whereas, for dogs, too much salt is the enemy, causing hair loss, mange, and meanwhile dramatically increasing the risk of skin illnesses.

Do not often change the dog's food. You can change the mixed dog treats for your dog. Remember that your dog's intestines is extremely sensitive to dog's food. And changing dog's food can create negative reactions in dogs. Therefore there should be a transition time when changing your dog's food.

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