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Pet Products: Some of the Best Ways to Clean Your Dog Pet Products: Some of the Best Ways to Clean Your Dog

The magic weapon of care without water

Whether it is a dog that has just been vaccinated, or a frail dog, it will be forbidden to bathe. In the cold winter, the owner dare not easily bathe the dog, fearing that the low temperature will cause a cold. So what to do if the dog is too dirty?

As long as you master pet cleaning supplies that don't use water, you don't have to worry about bathing, and you can keep your dog clean and beautiful under any circumstances.

1. Pet hair cleaning sponge

No need to use water, as long as the dog's coat is gently wiped with a cleaning sponge, the dust and shed coat can be removed from the dog's body. Remove the dirt on the sponge and you can use it again. Even if the sponge gets dirty, it doesn't matter. You can wash it with detergent and water, and it can be reused after it is dried.

2. Disposable foam shampoo

Shake the antibacterial pet shampoo bottle up and down, and then gently squeeze it, and the rich foam immediately gushes out. For pet supplies, gently apply these white foam on the dog's hair, massage it for a few minutes and comb it with a pet hair comb, and the dog will immediately become beautiful. The foam shampoo is mild in nature, not only cleansing, but also moisturizing, moisturizing and caring.

3. Disposable buttocks cleaner

After the dog urinates, worry about the smell of the little butt? Afraid that urine will cause pollution on the body? As long as the dog uses a disposable buttocks cleanser, you can clean the body, kill bacteria, protect the skin and coat at the same time. It is convenient to use after walking every day.

4. Dry cleaning powder for pets

There is no need to soak the dog, just dredge the hair thoroughly, sprinkle the dry cleaning powder evenly on the dog’s hair, and then comb it repeatedly. After the dry cleaning powder penetrates into the coat, comb it off. Dry cleaning powder can not only remove the dirt on the dog's body, but also has the functions of sterilizing and anti-inflammatory, removing grease, nourishing and moisturizing.

5. No-wash cleaning foam

Spread the foam evenly on the dog, massage it thoroughly with your hands, and then wipe it off with a dry cloth. Even if the dog is dirty, it can be completely renewed after repeated use. After using pet supplies, the dog's coat is soft and smooth, which can keep the fragrance for a long time. Contains chrysanthemum extract, anti-allergy, and has natural antibacterial effect.

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