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List of Types of Pet Cat Food List of Types of Pet Cat Food

We heard that healing the people on the earth is the ultimate mission of cats. Don't look at your cat's indifference to you, in fact, they are full of love for their shit shovelers. Although cats have an arrogant personality, they actually have a weak stomach. If you want your cats to be healthy, you must first take care of their stomachs. The china pet products cat food is mainly divided into dry food and wet food. However, as cat owners pay more attention to the health of cats at home, homemade cat food and raw flesh and blood have also become one of the candidates for cat food. So what to feed the cat is a matter of opinion.

1. Selection of pet cat food - dry food

Dry food is rich in fiber, which is good for defecation. Chewing dry food can also effectively prevent cats from getting dental calculus. The disadvantage is that it has less water. Cats who eat wholesale dry cat food should pay attention to the amount of water they drink.

①Natural food: high protein, low fat, comprehensive nutrition. Natural high-quality cat food is made of non-polluting grains, meat and other natural ingredients, without adding chemical synthesis products, food additives, etc. Of course, natural grains are more expensive, but they are durable and safe.

②Commercial grains: With palatability as the main goal, low-end commercial grains are even processed with animal carcasses as raw materials. In order to improve the taste, commercial grains are often added with various additives and attractants, including spices. This kind of cat food is cheap, but low in safety.

2. Selection of pet cat food - wet food

Wet cat food is rich in water and tastes close to fresh food, so it is very popular with cats. The disadvantage is that it is prone to oral problems and has many preservatives.

(1) Canned food: The most common wet food is still canned food. The most intuitive criterion for evaluating the quality of canned food is the amount of pure meat. Parents should be able to see this. You can also try a little to see the salt content (it is best not to eat too much salt for cats) and freshness.

(2) Miao Xian Bao: It is easy to carry and has more soup.

(3) Cat pudding: This kind of small snacks can be eaten and played by the cats at home. They are fresh, but they should not be eaten too much, because most of them contain high salt content.

3. Selection of pet cat food - homemade cat food

Homemade cat rice is to make fresh food for cats at home. You can use fresh meat, such as whole chicken, beef, pork and other meat, and add carrots, potatoes, fish oil and other accessories. When making cat food, you need to know the nutritional ratio of cats and add appropriate nutrients.

4. Selection of pet cat food - raw flesh and blood

Raw cat food is a kind of cat food that is more advocated abroad, because the staple food of cats is meat and poultry. The best raw food is a fresh whole chicken, duck, fish, etc., including blood, internal organs and bones. Parents can try to freeze them for 24 hours and then thaw them for cats to eat. If they don't know how to chew on bones, they can be smashed and fed separately. Pay attention Supplement with taurine.

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