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Is it OK to Change Dog Food? Is it OK to Change Dog Food?

Under normal circumstances, we don't need to frequently change different brands of dog food to dogs. During a period of stable development and growth of a dog, it is sufficient to feed it with one kind of dog food. Of course, there are situations where dog food needs to be changed if necessary. For example, puppies need to change from puppy dog food to adult dog food after they reach adulthood. However, there is a problem. Whether changing the brand of dog food has any effect on the dog?

As long as you choose the right food for your dog and change the dog food according to the scientific method, it will have no effect on the dog. In the process of changing dog food for pet dogs, dogs are often prone to gastrointestinal discomfort and appetite loss, and the main reason may be that the dog can not immediately adapt to the new dog food, or the method of changing dog food is not right.

To change dog food for dogs, you need to choose a reliable brand of dog food . Remember, those unqualified products cannot be used to feed pet dogs. To change dog food for dogs, in addition to choosing a trusted brand, it also depends on whether the dog food is really suitable for dogs. Whether the ratio of nutrition mix, whether the price is appropriate, etc., choosing a suitable brand of dog food for pet dogs is the prerequisite for food change.

There are many ways to change dog food for pet dogs. The most common method used by owner is probably a gradual approach. That is to mix the old and new dog food reasonably, and then reasonably reduce the weight of the old dog food and increase the weight of the new dog food. In the process of 7-10 days, complete the work of changing the food for the pet dog, so that the dog can very well avoid gastrointestinal maladjustment.

1. How to choose the right dog food?

A dog's life can be divided into three phases (infancy, adulthood and old age),and each phase need different nutritional requirements. You should never use the same food and formula throughout whole life, and at the same time, you must feed dogs according to the dog's weight to avoid overfeeding. It is best to choose oven baked cat food , according to the classification selection, puppy food, adult dog food! In addition, the pellet size of adult dog food and puppy food is also designed according to the teeth and digestive degree of dogs in different age stages, which requires the attention of fans.

A healthy balance is very important for dogs. Too much or too little can affect your dog. A balanced diet of nutrients, including protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, to promote bone, muscle and tooth development.

2. Should You Change Dog Food

1) Dogs, like other animals, naturally need to eat a variety of different foods, and then obtain a variety of vitamins and minerals from these foods to meet their own needs. Dogs don't want to eat a single chicken, lamb or other single food all their lives. Changing their food, especially the content and type of food, can meet the needs of the dog's body for different nutrients. Peto provides freeze dried beef liver bulk and whosale as well.

2) At present, there is no dog food that can meet the requirements of various nutritional and vitamin. Moreover, the research and the experiment of dog food all have a certain cycle, usually 6 months, not using dogs whole life (not every food has been tested for feeding). Regularly changing dog food can avoid nutritional imbalance or overnutrition.

3) Just like people, diversified choices and trials are the joy of life. Who wants to eat the same food every day? Feeding a dog with different foods such as freeze dried dragon fruit chunks helps to ensure that he does not get bored or frustrated with food (although some dog foods may not very delicious). And replacing dog food does not mean that dogs will become picky eaters, excessive spoiling will lead to fpicky eaters.

4) Long-term consumption of a kind of dog food is relatively easy to cause picky eating and anorexia.Especially if it's only dog food.

3. How to Change Your Dog's Food?

Generally speaking, do not change frequently, and also master certain methods.

1) Mix the old and new dog food. First put one-tenth of the new dog food, and then slowly add a little bit of the new dog food until it is completely replaced by the new dog food.

2) It is also recommended to feed homemade dog food. In this way, homemade dog food and dog food can cooperate and match each other.

Changing the food every month, or every two or three months (more than 3 months is better), will not make your dog become a picky eaters. The reason of becoming  fussy about food is that when the dog shows no interest in food and you give him the other food. Just like a child, a dog will quickly learn that the result of rejecting a food is to get something more delicious-if you continue to give it other foods that are more delicious. Conversely, you should feed regularly and take it away after 20 minutes without eating. Do not feed it other foods (such as dog biscuits) until the next feeding time.

4. Side Effects of Changing Dog Food Frequently

The various enzymes in the dog's digestive tract need to adjust in proportion to adapt the changes of food composition and nutrients. These may take 2-3 days to complete. If the dog food is changed frequently in a short period of time, the dog may be unable to digest normally and cause symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea, as well as the following side effects:

1) It is easy to cause gastrointestinal irritation for the dog. Frequent change of dog food may cause gastrointestinal problems if the dog cannot accept it for a while.

2) Frequent change of dog food can also stimulate the dog's appetite and let him make a bad habit of picky eating. If the previous dog food happened to be a favorite flavor, then suddenly change it, the dog is very likely to refuse to eat it.

3) After dogs have tried so many dog foods, there are always some they like. If they are not completely familiar with their favorite dog food and replace it hastily, then it is not good for dogs.

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