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How to Feed Dog Food Better? How to Feed Dog Food Better?

What's the best way to feed dog food? Here we take Teddy dog as an example. Pet owners feed their dogs every day. However, there may always be some unexpected situations such as the dog's sudden pickiness for the dog food, or the diarrhea and vomiting caused by indigestion, all of which may due to the inappropriate feeding ways of pet owners.

For Teddy dog with poor digestion, the dog goods for them should be soaked as much as possible. Besides, the food left in rice bowl must be dumped every time to avoid disease caused by food deterioration. But for dogs over 2 months old, it is harmful to eat soaked food for a long time.

1. Introduction of quality dog food

Studies have shown that long-term feeding of soft food for dogs could easily trigger dental plaque and periodontal disease. Quality dog food is designed according to the characteristics of dogs with its hardness fitting to the chewing ability of dogs of different ages, which can be divided into puppy dog food and adult dog food. They are easy to chew and has high absorption rate, and can also reduce fecal odor. So there's no need to worry about the hardness of dog food.

2. Don't worry about large grain dog food

For Teddy dog owners, they would worry about the dog food snacks in large grains for fear of pets choking, so they try to choose the dog food in small grains. However, such worry is not necessary, and is more likely to cause trouble.

The grain size of pet dog food in well-known brand undergoes scientific experiments. Generally, it will be classified and designed for dogs of different sizes and ages to ensure safe eating. Since dogs always swallow food, and their digestion starts from the stomach, choosing dog food of appropriate size can promote chewing and food absorbing rate, as well as control the speed of eating. However, food in small size is easy to cause dyspepsia due to the fast swallowing speed.

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