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How to Distinguish the Quality of Meat Freeze-dried Treats? How to Distinguish the Quality of Meat Freeze-dried Treats?

The majority of pet owners definitely want to give pets good food and good use. How do we choose the very good freeze-dried treat products that are emerging now? Let's take a look together.

1. Observe the surface of freeze-dried treats

Open the freeze-dried treat to see if the color is uniform. The uniform color indicates that the meat is a whole piece. If there are too many debris, it may be made by breaking the raw materials and solidifying them and then cooling them. This kind of freeze-drying cannot distinguish the nutrient content of the inside, so you need to buy freeze dried meat bulk carefully.

2. Knead the hardness of freeze-dried treats by hand

The "pseudo-freeze-dried" treated at high temperature is harder when broken by hand, and the real freeze-dried pet treats are easier to break apart and break easily when squeezed.

3. Check the ingredients of freeze-dried treats

When choosing freeze-dried pet treats, pay attention to choosing high-quality freeze-dried products. The simpler the ingredient list, the better. The ingredient list is only meat or fish, no other ingredients, no additives, preservatives, food attractants, freeze-dried like this, after rehydration, it is close to fresh meat, the nutrients are completely preserved, and there is no need to worry about raw materials or additions.

4. Look at the freeze-dried treats after rehydration

After rehydration, the real freeze-dried treats will restore the essence of the meat and will not be easily torn apart, while the chemically synthesized ones will become crumbs, which will shatter as soon as they are soaked. PETO pet freeze-dried treats such as our freeze dried egg yolk are a very good choice, you can try it!

5. Check freeze-dried snack labels

To ensure freeze-dried treats are all natural, antibiotic- and hormone-free meat or poultry or wild-caught fish (as farmed fish are often raised with antibiotics, pesticides, and other chemicals). Products should also state that they do not contain sugar, salt, grains or other additives, nor do they contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The reliable product quality of PETO pet accessories wholesale china is the soul of Peido; high-quality service is the mainstay of Peido's development. We are responsible for every product we produce and send to our customers. It starts with the purchase of our raw materials for quality freeze-dried pet treats. The quality control department employs rigorous testing methods to ensure that all components used in production are qualified. When entering the assembly and testing process, each worker is well trained and able to complete the job in accordance with approved SOPs, standards and special requirements documents. Our quality control system consists of the following components: International Organization for Standardization, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Factory Tracking System, all of which are implemented from raw material procurement to finished product. Because of this, our clients speak highly of the service we provide them and appreciate the value we create for their business.

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