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How to Change Dog Food for a Golden Retriever? How to Change Dog Food for a Golden Retriever?

Ⅰ. When to replace dog food?

Sometimes dog owners will encounter some situations when feeding Golden Retriever: For example, the Golden Retriever is not adapted to eating a certain kind of dog food and needs to update the dog food; or the original dog food is exhausted and the original brand of dog food cannot be bought temporarily. In these cases, Golden Retriever needs to be replaced with dog food.

Ⅱ. Here are some basic requirements for replacing dog food

1. Don't change the dog food snacks too fast for the golden retriever. Let the golden retriever like food that has gradually become familiar, because it is very sensitive to the new food, which is because the various enzymes in the dog's digestive tract need to adjust their content ratios in order to adapt to changes in food composition and nutrients. If you change food quickly, these enzymes may take 2-3 days to complete their adjustment process, which may cause freeze dried raw dog food not to be digested normally and indigestion.

When changing dog food for Golden Retriever, dog owners must not update it immediately. Generally speaking, it is best to change food gradually within 10 days. Changing food too quickly may cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Second, the correct way is to gradually change dog food. Remind everyone that it usually takes more than 10 days to replace the old brand with a new brand for Golden Retrievers. Before feeding, mix and stir the new cheap high-quality dog food with the current homemade food (or other brand pet food), and then gradually increase the proportion of the new dog food every day until the new dog food is completely replaced.

3. The proportion of new dog food every day:

Day 1: 10%

Day 3: 30%

Day 7: 70%

Day 10: 100%

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