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Golden Age for Pet Food Industry Golden Age for Pet Food Industry

Today's pet food is more than just enough to eat for your pets. There are a variety of pet food products in the market to meet the different needs of consumers. The pet food manufacturers china industry is developing rapidly.

Ⅰ. Detailed classification of pet food

From the perspective of use, pet food can be divided into three types: main food, snacks and health products, which currently account for 60%, 18% and 12.5% respectively.

1. Main food: mainly include dry food and wet food. Dry food is generally made by hot air drying and is easy to store. The common bagged pet food on the market is often dry food, but dry food has low water content and poor taste.

2. Wet food: mostly made of fresh meat or frozen meat mixed with liquid nutrient solution. Canned pet food on the market is often wet food, which is good in taste, easy to digest, and more popular with pets, but the price is often higher.

3. Snacks: mainly include jerky, chews and biscuits, which can better enhance the interaction and affection between people and pets. In fact, freeze dried pet treats, as optional consumption, are a concentrated expression of "humanization of pet raising". Although the consumption frequency is low, most snacks have high meat content and small size, so the unit price is high. Even so, this category has grown even faster than pet main food in recent years.

4. Pet health products: mainly vitamins and nutritional creams. At present, the use of health care products is not much, and they are often used as nutritional supplements for sick pets and picky pets.

Ⅱ. Rapid growth of pet food industry

The "pet economy" is on the rise: In 2018, the market consumption of pet accessories wholesale china industry has exceeded 170 billion yuan, with a compound growth rate of 24.1% from 2014 to 2018. Among them, the pet dog market is about 105.6 billion yuan, and the pet cat market is 65.2 billion yuan.

Even so, the penetration rate of domestic pets in China is only 6%, far lower than that of developed countries.

With the continuous growth of urbanization, population aging and consumption upgrade, the "pet economy" may be coming.

With the increase in per capita disposable income, the pet adoption rate and the gradual increase in the penetration rate of main foods will also maintain the rapid growth of the pet food industry's market size.

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