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We professionally offer dog accessories wholesale of high quality and reasonable prices in the world. PETO is specialized in manufacturing china dog accessories food, treats and dog supplies china with high calcium, added Vitamins, fresh meat and fresh vegetables. We are the leading pet accessories wholesale china supplier and manufacturer of dog food products and dog treats products such as the dog liver treats bulk. Contact us now!

Dog Accessories Wholesale China

  • Dog Food Dog Food High calcium help to improve dog's bone and advance their growth.Especially added Vitamins, which make the skin more healthy and fur bright.scientific formula made of fresh meat and fresh vegetabl...
  • Dog Treat Dog Treat Freeze-dried technology, freezing, fresh taste locked(Fresh Taste Locked)The freeze-dried dog treat series is made of a variety of meats of high-quality , and pure meat is frozen in an ultra-low temperature e...

What is the difference between dog food and treats?

The formulation of dog food needs to be complete and balanced, but the role of dog treats is only used for intermittent or supplementary feeding. PETO dog supplies china dog food contains the correct balance of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed to maintain health. However, dog treats usually have one goal: to taste and smell great. We also offer healthy and tasty dog treats accessories wholesale China that is well received in the world market.

Custom Made Wholesale Dog Products China

We provide one-stop OEM/ODM solutions for customized wholesale dog products from China to worldwide. The raw materials of dog food and dog treats can be customized according to the formula requirements of customers. The size of freeze-dried dog accessories wholesale China products is available in 8*8/10*10/12*12/15*15mm cubes. Packaging also supports customization. PETO dog supplies China can meet all your needs. Tell us your idea now!

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