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 From healthy cat food to cat treat, PETO provides various cat accessories for sale and kitten accessories for sale. We adopt human food quality control standards, adhere to the whole process quality control, and ensure high-quality cat accessories wholesale products such as the freeze dried cat treats bulk. The factory is equipped with six production lines of freeze-drying, wet grain, expanded grain, low-temperature baked grain / air dried grain cat food and meat cat treats with automatic equipment to realize intelligent manufacturing.

Cat Accessories Wholesale

  • Cat Food Cat Food The kittens are formulated with high quality ingredients by the cat nutritionists to ensure that their dietary needs are fully and balanced. It is also enriched with Omega-3 oils and essential mineral...
  • Cat Treat Cat Treat Freeze-dried technology, freezing, fresh taste locked(Fresh Taste Locked)The freeze-dried cat treat series is made of a variety of fish of high-quality , and pure fish is frozen in an ultra-low temperature en...
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