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Chicken and duck meat of high-quality for dogs are selected. Meat content is higher than 70%. Natural animal protein is easy to digest. Amino acids and mineral trace elements that are beneficial to the growth of puppies are added to the puppy formula to ensure the healthy growth of puppies and adult dogs.

Frozen puppy food of high calcium help to improve dogs' bone and advance their growth.

Especially added Vitamins and omega 3&omega 6 fatty acids, which make the skin more healthy and fur bright. Scientific formula made of fresh meat and fresh vegetables to maintain a healthy immune system, reduce the risk of disease, and protect pets' joints. Dry dog food with the taste of assorted meat. The high quality natural dog food is suitable for the daily feeding of adult dogs of all breeds.

Types of cheap science diet senior dog food such as freeze dried dragon fruit chunks helps you quickly feed a dog of any size and breed. Put the food in a bowl – a hearty meal is ready. The recipe uses a variety of products: cereals, vegetables, meat and fish offal, which contain the main set of indicators for the health and activity of adult dogs (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals).

Served as a Chinese dry dog food manufacturer, Peto has high quality dog food bulk for sale for dogs and puppies. It is all natual and special,and all pets will love it! Come and buy our dog supplies china!

Healthy, nurish and safe dry dog food of high quality for every day.

Bulk Dry Dog Food For Sale

PETO quality dry dog food, selecting high-quality fresh meat, is rich in natural protein to help dogs digest and absorb. Quality dog food is rich in various nutrients, nutritious and delicious, supplements nutrition for dogs, and supplements calcium to strengthen muscles and bones. We offer different types of science diet dog food with different single meat ingredients such as chicken, duck, beef, lamp, salmon and tuna. Please contact us for bulk dry dog food wholesale.

Dry Dog Food Manufacturer

PETO, as a professional dry dog food manufacturer and all natural dog food company, we guarantee that the dog food formula produced by our dry dog food factory does not contain pesticides, artificial preservatives and genetically modified ingredients. PETO bulk dog food supplier offers cheap wholesale dog food with processing and customization services. Contact us for more information!

PETO Quality Dry Dog Food Key Benefits

Rich in meat. Low carbohydrate content. No grain.

A comprehensive and balanced diet

A good diet as quality puppy & adult dog food

Help brain and eye development

Freeze drying to ensure the nutrients in the food, including taste

Free of wheat, gluten, genetically modified ingredients, corn, soybeans, grains, dairy products, rice, potatoes and all other fillers

Science Diet Special Dog Food Wholesale

PETO all natural dog food company provides biology based nutrition to predict the changing needs of pets as they grow from puppies to adult dogs or senior dogs.

Designed for healthy pets of different ages and sizes, we also provide choices for science plan dog food and healthy dog treats for sale with special needs, including weight control, healthy digestion and so on.

All scientific diet dry dog foods provide natural, delicious and high-quality protein ingredients. Precise nutrition in healthy food for dogs supports healthy skin, fur and stool. It is clinically proven that antioxidants contribute to a healthy immune system.

PETO Quality Dry Dog Food for All-Life-Stages

Our formula is suitable for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes which means you can feed our products as quality puppy dog food, adult dog food and senior dog food. PETO science diet dog food types make meal time for multiple dog families easy. Single dog families will also enjoy the benefits of a bag of all dogs - no longer guessing or switching based on the dog's age, breed or size. Specialty dog food is formulated for all life stages, dogs will enjoy high-quality ingredients, rich in essential amino acids ω 3 and ω 6 fatty acids, and the best protein. There are nutritious formulas at all stages of life, without corn, wheat or soybeans.

Feeding Guidelines of PETO Quality Dry Dog Food

Meal Frequency

Until 6 Months Old: 3 Meals Per Day

After 6 Months Old: 2 Meals Per Day

Transition to PETO

Start by mixing 25% of PETO quality dry dog food with your dog's old food, and gradually increase the proportion in the next 14 days.

Preparation Options

1. Direct feeding of chewy dog food

2. Add warm water and mix to fully release the fragrance and replenish water for the dog at the same time

Fresh Water

Be sure to keep a bowl of fresh and clean cold water next to the quality natural dog food at all times.

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