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Diet Advice for Cats Diet Advice for Cats

1. You can feed some meat

In addition to cat food, you can feed kittens a little meat every week, such as ham, but try not to feed a big piece. 

If you want to feed freeze dried beef jerky, you must chew it in your mouth before eating it, because cats' digest system lacks one kind of enzyme that can be provided through human saliva.


2. The amount of canned cats

When cats are young, they were fed with canned cat food mixed with rice, because canned food for cats is high-calorie, high-protein food. Feeding too much to cats will cause indigestion, while rice is carbohydrate compounds, which are beneficial to cat growth.


3. Taboo in feeding

Never feed kittens milk. Since many kittens lack milk-absorbing enzymes in their stomachs, if feeding them with milk, it can cause indigestion and diarrhea. And they should not be scared when they eat, which may cause anorexia.

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