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Can Dog Food Be Changed Frequently? Can Dog Food Be Changed Frequently?

Many novices frequently change the brand of dog food to their dogs. In fact, it is unscientific to do so. It takes a long time for dogs' digestive enzymes to adapt to new foods, so PETO believes that it is better to feed a dog food for a long time. It can be changed every six months.

First of all, you need to know that dog food snacks are divided into natural dog food and commercial dog food.

1. Natural dog food

Natural food is not preservatives, but preserved with vitamin E. There are no elements in it that are harmful to dogs. With long-term use, puppies' hair and poop will be healthier and more beautiful. Of course, different dogs or dogs have different physical constitutions, and the dog food suitable for them is different. High-quality natural dog food is also more expensive.

2. Commercial dog food

As the name suggests, commercial dog food is related to business, unlike organic pet food, long-term consumption is not necessarily good for the dog's health. There are certain side effects on the dog's body. Because it is not natural, it is more fragrant, and most dogs love it. In terms of nutrition, commercial dog food is naturally inferior to natural dog food.

Natural dog food has more nutrients. For example, certain resistance-enhancing elements such as Ω3 and Ω6 that are needed in a dog's health are present in natural dog food, but commercial dog food does not.

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