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Our factory can produce a variety of bird food, which is made of natural grains or natural insects. It does not contain any additives, which can make the birds grow more rapidly, and the nutrition is more balanced. The feathers and beak of the birds will develop more perfectly, and there will be no diarrhea or allergies

Wild Bird Food is for all seed-eating birds. An economical general purpose mix containing white proso millet black oil sunflower seed cracked corn shelled peanuts black striped sunflower seed Safflower seed. For use in tube hoppers or tray-style.

Maniculosa in the production of mori worms, such as mealworm, black soldier fly, superworm, cricket, locust, Grains and seeds, or make it into a solid block, which is convenient for birds to eat.

After years of development, we have established a complete pet bird supplies wholesale breeding and sales system, so we can provide stable prices for long-term customers to ensure that customers have stable profit margins. Quality is the core of an enterprise. From the acceptance of raw materials, the monitoring of the production process and the inspection of finished products, we all strictly require that everything can be traced. Of course, warm service is also our basic requirement for every employee. We look forward to our cooperation to open up a broader market for you.

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