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PETO Story

PETO Story

Hunan PETO Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional suppliers for high-quality pet treats. The factory has a plant area of 50000 square meters, a multi-functional physical and chemical laboratory and biology laboratory. It imports all kinds of raw materials from around the world, improves the raw food suppliers' management system, and ensures the traceability of raw materials, the data and behavior of the whole production process can be checked, and the risk and process can be controlled through advanced process flow and strict quality control. Adhere to the business philosophy of "quality first, heart and wisdom", always regard user experience as the first element, and provide users with better products and technical support.

We adhere to the management concept of "Quality First, Create With Heart And Wit", and always regard user experience as the first element that to provide users with better products and technical support keeping efforts.

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Customer Satisfication

We take our clients as the company's biggest fortune.

Focusing on providing high quality pet food, we put customer service first, offering personalized, direct communication and speed and detail-oriented service to ensure client satisfaction.


Customer satisfaction, Staff happiness

The company's teamwork, the great products we supply, the rational pricing and prompt after sales service is the quintessence of our reputation and have customers continually return to us for all their requirements. When they established a long term relationship with Peto, it will be a mutual-beneficial and win-win-win situation to our clients, our company and our staff.

Team Work

The way a team plays as a whole determines its success.

When our customers come to us with their requirements, at Peto there will always be a team to support them, 24-hour standby and try all the means to offer the best solutions for our distinguished clients, which they highly speak of.

Factory Show

PETO Building PETO Building
  • PETO Building PETO Building
  • Production Line Production Line
  • 50000 Square Metres Factory 50000 Square Metres Factory

Quality Control

The reliable product quality is the soul of Peto's existence; the excellent service is the mainstay for Peto's development. We take responsibility for every product we produced and sent to our customers.

From the beginning when we purchased the raw materials of our quality pet food which are approved by our engineering, the QC department adopts strict testing methods to assure that all the components used for production are qualified. When coming to the assembling and testing process, every worker is well trained to fulfill their job according to the approved SOP, the standard and special required documents.

Our quality control system is consisted of the following parts: ISO, FDA, Outgoing Tracking System, all being carried out from the raw material purchasing to finished products. And thanks to this, our customers speak highly of what we offer for them and appreciate the values we created for their business.

Quality Control
Quality Control
Quality Control
Quality Control

After-sale Service

  • Receiving After-sales Feedback From Customers
    • The salesman receives the customer feedback notification (telephone, fax, e-mail, etc.), immediately records the customer feedback information in detail, and determines the product batch, quantity, undesirable rate, occurrence time, place, sales volume, etc.

    • The salesman will record the detailed information in the Customer Complaint Information Description Form and send it to the Quality Department for analysis.

  • Problem Product Analysis
    • After receiving feedback from customers, the Quality Department confirms with relevant departments the quantity of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products in the warehouse, stops production and shipment of products with similar bad problems, and processes them according to the Control Procedure for Non-conforming Products.

    • The quality department, together with the production department, engineering department, customer service department and other relevant departments, carry out experimental analysis, testing, dissecting products of the same batch of products (or samples provided by customers), makes a comprehensive comparative analysis of the product materials, structure, process and testing ability, and finds out the real reasons, which are recorded in the 8D/4D Report.

  • Post-sale Procedure
    • The quality department confirms the quality of the returned products and specifies the handling methods of the returned products. If the rejected products are treated according to the "Non-conforming Product Control Procedure", the quality department will record the monthly returned goods handling on the“Return Handling Tracking Table".

    • Reprocessing of defective returned products shall be arranged by the Ministry of Production for reprocessing.

    • Non-rework treatment shall be determined by the Quality Department as scrap treatment or degradation treatment.

    • The quality department will lead the relevant departments to review and dispose of non-conforming products in time.

    • Relevant expenses incurred in return or exchange of goods shall be decided by the salesman and the customer through consultation.

  • Post-sale Tracking
    • Short-term effectiveness: If there are no abnormal batches in succession after improvement and no bad feedback from customers is received, the improvement measures are determined to be effective.

    • Long-term Effectiveness: Based on "Customer Satisfaction Management Procedure" to conduct an investigation and evaluation. If the quality, service and related customers are not satisfied, they should be handled according to the Correction and Prevention Control Procedure.

  • Post-sale Time

    Feedback (written or telephone or e-mail) should be given within 2 working days after receiving complaints from customers.

  • Record Preservation

    Customer complaints are summarized in the "Customer complaint analysis report" every month and reported at the monthly meeting of quality. The status and trend of customer complaints are emphatically analyzed by statistical technology.

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